Congratulations on becoming a new pet parent!

We are excited to partner with you on your journey in raising a happy and healthy new pet.

Complete the simple form below for a welcome kit code, redeemable at a participating Hill’s stockist or Hill’s shelter partner. Inside the kit you will find:

  • A bag of Hill's Science Plan pet food
  • A leaflet with some great tips on raising your new pet

Plus savings coupons!

  • Save up to R250 with 25% off any Hill’s products – with a minimum spend of R200
    • This coupon code will be sent via SMS with your welcome kit code
  • Save up to R200 with 25% off any Hill’s pet food – with a minimum spend of R200 to celebrate your pet’s 1st birthday at home with you

How it works:

  • The welcome kit is available to pet parents to try Hill’s for the first time.
  • The offer is valid and limited to one puppy/dog and/or one kitten/cat welcome kit per household per year
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